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Enkele quotes uit de bijbel en over de bijbel

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(Following are biblical verses compiled by independent comparative religion scholar and Freethought Nation guestwriter Barbara G. Walker, concerning the supposed "morality" of the Bible. The paraphrases and commentary are Barbara's, while the original verses are linked. For more of Barbara's Bible investigations, see MAN MADE GOD, especially the section on Bible Studies.)

BIBLE MORALITY (King James Version)

Compiled by Barbara G. Walker, author of Man Made God, et al.

1. KILLING.  (As in "Thou shalt not"...???)

The biblical god personally kills a total of 371,186 people, not counting his slaughter of every living thing in Genesis 7. The biblical god also orders the killing of a total of 1,862,265.

Gen 22:2       - God accepts human sacrifices (including that of Jesus, later).
Ex 12:29       - God kills all the firstborn in the land of Egypt.
Ex 15:3         - God is a god of war.
Ex 21:15, 17 - Anyone who strikes or curses a parent must be killed.
Ex 22:18       - Every witch must be killed.
Ex 22:19, 20 - You must kill anyone who "lieth with a beast," or who worships any god other than Yahweh.

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