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Tony Bushby




Tony Bushby-Shambhala Valley of the Immortals (2011).pdf
Tony Bushby-The Secret in the Bible The Great Pyramid(2011)-.pdf
Tony Bushby-The Bible Fraud (in print)
Tony Bushby-Crucifixion of the truth
Tony Bushby-Misquoting Jesus
Tony Bushby-The twin conception
Tony Bushby-The Papal billions
Tony Bushby-Life after dead
Interview With Tony Bushby, Author of The Bible Fraud.pdf

Latest book:

Tony Bushby-The Christ scandal What was the Church trying to hide by rewriting historical records ?

Omschrijving van THE CHRIST SCANDAL:
The Christ Scandal reveals the Churches 2000 year suppression of history

This fact-filled book challenges centuries of Church portrayals and is conceptually, unparalled in the history of publishing.

The author Tony Bushby, through publication of his earlier books fuelled worldwide controversy in provoking fresh debate on the Church's presentation of the most enigmatic figure in history, Jesus Christ. Whereas, in his latest book The Christ Scandal, he has successfully managed to convert dauntingly complex material into a very readable A to Z format.

It is a book that contains 'rare information', being supported by an extensive Bibliography (over 700) together with an expansive Index.

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