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Recommended reading

In deze dossiers vind u de door TheRelihunters aangebevolen boeken alsmede verwijzingen naar boek info en links naar websites en audio en video opnames van en of met de betreffende auteurs.

Voor een studie naar bijbel historie en een kritische kijk erop kunnen we het werk van de volgende auteurs aanbevelen.
Deze schrijvers zijn allen bijbel historie onderzoekers en deze website is mede gebaseerd op het werk van deze schrijvers.

(note: De in de lijsten genoemde boeken zijn in het bezit van TheRelihunters en er word aangegeven welke gelezen zijn ter referentie en vragen over deze boeken.)

Library ebooks


Alberto Canen-The observer of Genesis the science behind the creation story.pdf
D J.Wiseman-Genesis Archeology.pdf
G_D-The Sumerian swindle
Uffington-The Greatest Lie Ever Told.pdf
D A Mackenzy-Myths of Babylonia and Assyria.pdf
David A Leeming-Creation Myths of the World .pdf
William Bramley-The Gods of Eden.
Strange-Legends of the Old Testament.pdf


Acharya-The Christ Conspiracy_the Greatest Story Ever Sold.
Acharya S-Zeitgeist-compendium-(his)-.
Acharya S-Zeitgeist source book.
Acharya S-Zeitgeist Challenge.
Acharya S-Who was Jesus=Fingerprints of the Christ (07)-.
Acharya S-The History of Mythicism.
Acharya S-Suns of God 1.
Acharya S-Suns of God 2
Acharya S-Religion101.
Acharya S-Origins of Christianity.
Acharya S-Nazareth.
Acharya S-Moses-dionysus_(Dec).
Acharya S-Mithra The Pagan Christ.
Acharya S-Jesus as the sun.
Acharya S-Isis Virgin Mother Virgin Mary.
Acharya S-Interviews.
Acharya S-Exodus case review.
Acharya S-Delusional Christians Defend God's Atrocities(forum).
Acharya S-Christ in Egypt=The Horus Jesus Connection 1.
Acharya S-Christ in Egypt=The Horus Jesus Connection 2
Acharya S-Articles collection.
Acharya S-Ehrman and the Quest ot Historical Jesus

Timothy Freke-Jesus And The Lost Goddess.pdf
Timothy Freke-The Jesus Mysteries(2002)pics chinese.pdf
Timothy Freke-The Jesus Mysteries(V 2.0).pdf
Timothy Freke-the Laughing Jesus Religious Lies and Gnostic Wisdom.pdf

History of Egypt:

Massey-The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ.pdf
E.A. Wallis Budge-The Egyptian Book of the Dead.pdf
Adolf Erman-A Handbook of Egyptian Religion.pdf
Nozo123-Handbook of Egyptian Religion.pdf
Ralph Ellis various books


Christopher Hitchens-God is Not Great.pdf
Christopher Hitchens-The Portable Atheist.pdf
Steve Wells-Drunk-With Blood Gods Killings in the Bible-.pdf
Steven Wells-Skeptic's Annotated Bible .pdf
Dan Barker-The Christian Delusion (2010).mobi
David Mills-Atheist Universe 2006).pdf
J W. Loftus-The End of Christianity (2011) .epub
Bertrand Russell-Why I Am Not A Christian.pdf
Richard Carrier-Not the Impossible Faith (2009).pdf
Robert M Price-Deconstructing Jesus (2000).pdf
Sam Warren-The Bible Naked,The Greatest Fraud Ever Told.pdf
Mel Gibson-The Idiot's Guide to Atheism.pdf


Joseph Campbell-The Hero with a Thousand Faces extract.pdf
ExposingReligion Blog-Failed biblical Prophecies.pdf

Historical Jesus:

Atwill-Caesar's Messiah (2005).pdf
Habermas-The Historical Jesus (1996).pdf
Massey-The Historical Jesus and the Mythical (1880).pdf
Murphy-The Historical Jesus For Dummies (2008).pdf
Wills-Quest for Historical Gospel (1997).pdf

Alternative Jesus theories:

Tony Bushby-The Secret in the Bible
Tony Bushby-Bible Fraud

Laurence Gardner-Genesis of the Grail Kings.
Laurence Gardner-Bloodline of the Holy Grail
Laurence Gardner-Magdalene Legacy.o.
Laurence Gardner-The Grail Enigma.o
Laurence Gardner-Realm of the Ring Lords.
Laurence Gardner-Secret of the sacred Ark

Michael Baigent-Holy Blood holy Grail
Micheal Baigent-The Jesus Papers

Micheal Baigent-Verschlußsache Jesus

The Gospels:

Bart Ehrman-Misquoting Jesus
Bart Ehrman-God's Problem
Bart Ehrman-Historical Jesus
Bart Ehrman-History Of The Bible Guidebook
Bart Ehrman-Lost Christianities
Bart Ehrman-Misquoting Jesus
Bart Ehrman-Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene_ the fol
Bart Ehrman-Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code.
Bart Ehrman-FORGED=Writing in the Name of God (2011).
E R-Ehrman debunked.pdf

By the way really good works are Acharya S book you hate them or you love them anyway many people thinks she is debunked but most of them did not even bother to real all of her books they only say this because they here it on the Internet or from comments on the zeitgeist p1 which was supposedly debunked but it is not, its all hearsay. Besides that, zeitgeist material is but a tiny bit in the evidence and proof spectrum of the astrotheological hypothesis / theory and all fall over this tiny bit not realizing the other 90 percent makes the job finished if they ever wanted to really study and listen to what she's got to say.

Bart Ehrman though is already refuted by several other scholars including Acharya, Freke, and some others because mainly he contradicts himself constantly. Overall his books are good because it gives you an insider look at the NT, but his '''proof'' of an historical Jesus is not legit. Finally he has to make up his mind someday.

Steven Wells-Skeptic's Annotated Bible .pdf Is really good and certainly you can have a laugh ! He has the books and even also the Quran as annotated on his website, its a big website its well done. He did an analysis of the bible. He points out in 12 categories where the shit is in the bible . Christians have to read this stuff but I think the are too scared to do it.