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D M Murdock



D.M. Murdock, also known by her pen name, "Acharya S," is the author of several books on comparative religion and mythology, including "The Christ Conspiracy," "Suns of God," "Who Was Jesus?" and "Christ in Egypt." She is also the author of "The Gospel According to Acharya S," which seeks to answer some long-held questions concerning the nature of God, religion and humankind's place in the world.

Murdock is an alumna of Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, where she studied Classics, Greek Civilization. She has lived in Greece and is also an alumna of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece. Acharya has excavated at Corinth, Greece, where tradition has St. Paul addressing the Corinthians, as well as at a Paleo-Indian site in the U.S. She speaks, reads and/or writes to varying degrees English, French, Spanish, ancient and modern Greek, Latin, German and other languages.


Acharya S-Christ in Egypt=The Horus Jesus Connection 1.pdf cover
Acharya S-Christ in Egypt=The Horus Jesus Connection 2 .pdf info and online reading x
Acharya S-Isis Virgin Mother Virgin Mary.pdf
Acharya S-Jesus as the Sun exerpt.pdf cover x
Acharya S-Mithra The Pagan Christ.pdf
Acharya S-Origins of Christianity.pdf cover
Acharya S-Suns of God 1.pdf Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled cover x
Acharya S-Suns of God 2.pdf
Acharya S-The Christ Conspiracy=The Greatest Story Ever Sold (1999).pdf x cover
Acharya S-The History of Mythicism.pdf
Acharya S-Who was Jesus=Fingerprints of the Christ (07)-.pdf cover x
Acharya S-Zeitgeist-compendium-(his)-.pdf x cover
The companion guide to zeitgeist p1
Jesus Mysteries Gnosticism-Freke Gandy Acharya Bushby.pdf
Acharya S-The Gospel according to Acharya S cover x info en online excerpt reading





http://truthbeknown.comAcharya's work is designed to bring to light fascinating lost, hidden and destroyed religious, mythological and spiritual traditions that reveal an exciting core of knowledge dating back thousands of years.
Truth Be Known News was created in 2006 on Blogger. There are dozens of articles on TBK News on a variety of subjects, including and especially religion.
This is Acharya's newest website, where she blogs about news and current events, providing a freethought perspective, which means that she does not blindly believe extraordinary claims and she holds religious fanaticism up to the spotlight.
Acharya also writes about other issues such as health and politics, and there are a number of Freethought Nation guestwriters as well.